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All this week, we will be celebrating ASCA’s fifth annual Member Appreciation Week! This celebration is dedicated to all our wonderful members who make our work possible. Head over to the Member Appreciation Week website for your chance to win one of many daily prizes or one of the grand prizes!
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The first submission deadline for ASC-20: COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage Among Health Care Personnel is August 15, 2022, and covers the data collected in the first quarter of 2022, January 1 through March 31. For ASC-20, facilities must select one week per month on which to report to meet the quarterly submission requirement. More information on ASC-20 reporting can be found in the February Digital Debut and July Digital Debut pieces on the topic.
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During ASCA’s next webinar, we will look at ways that best practices plus passionate leadership help us reach and continually attain collections success in the ASC. From front office to bad debt, we will look at what really goes into leading your team to maximum success and continuing to replicate those results.

This webinar will take place Tuesday, August 16, at 1:00 pm ET, and is included in ASCA’s 2022 Webinar All-Access Pass.
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Register today to attend ASCA’s virtual course Infection Prevention for ASCs, streaming live August 29–30.

Over the course of two half days, this program will cover a wide variety of topics and provide you with the resources you need to develop and maintain an infection prevention program. It will also help you prepare for the Certified Ambulatory Infection Preventionist (CAIP)® exam.

Session recordings will be available to watch on demand after the live event.
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Visit the ASC Focus website to read the latest edition of the ASC Focus magazine. Highlights of this issue include “How to Avoid Staff Burnout,” “Converting Nonmedical Buildings into ASCs” and “From Gymnastics Coach to ASC CEO.”
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ASCA has signed on to a letter from a number of clinician and specialty organizations asking Congress for relief from impending physician payment cuts. The letter asks Congress to approve at least a 4.5 percent increase in the 2023 physician conversion factor and waive a 4 percent statutory PAYGO cut.
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The Senate on Sunday passed a bill spending hundreds of billions of dollars on climate and health care programs, including provisions that give Medicare drug price negotiating power and extends enhanced Affordable Care Act subsidies for three years. Senate Democrats passed the sweeping tax, climate and health care reconciliation package, called the Inflation Reduction Act, after an all-night session, with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote.
Fierce Healthcare (08/08/22) Robert King; Heather Landi
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Data reported by Modern Healthcare show health industry employers had an employment spike in July, with new hires up over the previous month and the largest gains in ambulatory services and hospitals. And earnings reports show how labor costs hit second quarter financials for health companies.
Kaiser Health News (08/08/22)
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This past weekend, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital was on diversion for 61 percent, 87 percent and 76 percent of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Diversion is when hospitals do not accept ambulance traffic because there is insufficient capacity to see new patients.
The Hill (07/29/22) Susan Dentzer; Renee Hsia; Eugene Litvak
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Diagnostic overshadowing—defined as the attribution of symptoms to an existing diagnosis rather than a potential co-morbid condition—has been a problem for decades and is only recently getting the attention it deserves. This was first described in 1982 as related to diagnostic misattribution in patients with mental health disorders.
Joint Commission Dateline @ TJC blog (07/27/22) Rick Rader; Patricia McGaffigan
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The sterilization of medical devices is a vital process for helping to prevent serious infections. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration continually works to oversee sterilization methods for these devices to ensure they are effective and used in amounts that are safe for the patients and health care professionals who use them.
FDA News Release (08/03/22) Jeffrey E. Shuren
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Colorectal cancer—which refers to cancer of the colon or the rectum—is the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. And it doesn't seem to have any signs of slowing—the rates of colorectal cancer are rising in adults 20 through 49 years old.
American Medical Association (07/22/22) Sara Berg
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