ASCA’s National Advocacy Day Program


ASCA’s National Advocacy Day program helps ASCA members build relationships with the policymakers who make the decisions that directly impact the ASC community and its patients. ASCA schedules a full day of congressional meetings on Capitol Hill for each participant. In addition, ASCA provides dinner and a training briefing the night before. During the briefing, ASCA staff will explain current ASC legislation and how to conduct a successful congressional meeting.

2023 National Advocacy Day

When: February 27 – March 1, 2023

Where: Washington Marriott Capitol Hill

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2019 National Advocacy Day


On September 23 and 24, 2019, 60 ASCA members, representing 15 different states, met with 164 members of Congress and their staff to help educate federal legislators about the ASC community and secure support for ASC legislation.

ASC advocates had a strong showing on Capitol Hill!

Frequently Asked Questions

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ASCA staff divides participants by state. Your state group could range from two to five people. ASCA staff then coordinates with your state’s federal delegation—House of Representatives and Senate—to plan your meetings.

Sometimes the actual legislator cannot come to the meeting and you will meet with their staff instead. Don’t be discouraged—meeting with their staff is just as important as meeting with the Congress member because they choose what their boss sees and advises them on how to vote. It’s important to educate the staff, too.

No one expects you to be an expert on policy. Your member of Congress wants to hear about your patients and the services you provide. They want to know about the issues impacting your ASC’s ability to provide care. Tell a memorable story and then ask them to support ASC legislation.

It’s okay! If you don’t know the answer to a question, say that you will get back to them with the information. It’s a great way to follow up and ASCA will assist you with the information. Please do not make up an answer.

A map of Capitol Hill and the buildings will be on the back of your participant folder. The House of Representatives buildings are on the south side of the Capitol building, while the Senate buildings are on the northeast side.

Capitol police officers are stationed throughout Capitol Hill and will be able to provide you with directions.

Always ask for something. In every congressional meeting, ask your legislator to cosponsor ASC legislation and tour your ASC.