Advocacy Fund

The purpose of the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association’s Advocacy Fund is to collect financial support from stakeholders for building ASC-related advocacy programs to positively affect federal and state legislation and regulation. Giving enables you to financially support ASCA’s efforts to reduce the regulatory burden on ASCs and increase the ASC market share.

Where does the money go?

  • Strengthening Capitol fly-in programs and implementation, including:
    • Hiring professional advocacy trainers, inviting paid speakers and working with professional US congressional meeting schedulers to ensure attendees have the best possible experience
    • Supplementing travel and hotel costs to help increase participation to give the ASC community a larger collective voice on the Hill during fly-ins
  • Expanding ASCA support for advocacy training, membership development, and meeting planning for state associations, including expanding the State Leaders’ Conference.
  • Increased ASCA participation in advocacy campaigns through coalition participation, communications, improving internal advocacy tools, and public awareness.

Who may contribute to the Advocacy Fund and is there a limit to how much?

Anyone may contribute money to the ASCA Advocacy Fund, and there is no limit to how much you may give. This is a great option for those who are eligible but would rather support broader policy initiatives than individual federal elected officials, or for those who are not eligible to contribute to ASCAPAC—ASCA’s Political Action Committee but still wish to support ASCA’s advocacy efforts.

How can I support my center through a coordinated advocacy effort, made possible by the ASCA Advocacy Fund?

Give online or by mailing a check made out to, "ASCA Advocacy Fund" to:

ASCA Advocacy Fund
277 S Washington Ste Ste 375
Alexandria, VA 22314

If you have any questions about the ASCA Advocacy Fund, please contact David Opong-Wadee at or 703.836.8808.