ASC Administrator Development Program


This program is sponsored by in2itive Business Solutions and MedTrainer.


The ASC Administrator Development Program is a yearlong mentoring program that matches newer and aspiring administrators with their experienced peers to strengthen and broaden the knowledge and professional network of all participants.

The next virtual class offered during the 2024-2025 program cycle:

Fall Virtual Class (September 2024–August 2025)

Application Period: July 15–31, 2024

Notification of Acceptance: August 15, 2024

For Mentees

Learn from Someone Who's Been There

Participate in this program and connect with an experienced ASC administrator who is ready to help and support you as you get acclimated to your new role. As a mentee, you’ll learn new ideas and best practices from those who have been in your shoes. You will get the tools and resources you need to improve your ASC, make meaningful professional connections and learn about the approaches and successes of administrators from all over the country.

Please note: This program is for new or prospective administrators with a maximum of two years of experience. It is not designed to be prep for the CASC exam.

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For Mentors

Give Back to the ASC Community

A mentor can play a massive role in helping employees get acclimated and decrease the learning curve in their new position. Your knowledge and expertise of the role of an ASC administrator is based on experience that new ASC administrators, and those interested in becoming an administrator, want and need. Help them develop the skills necessary to tackle the challenges ahead by sharing what you have learned over the years. Through this program, you will strengthen your leadership skills, expand the professional network for yourself and your mentee(s) and, ultimately, leave your mark on the next generation of ASC administrators.

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Virtual Class Information (October 2023–September 2024)

Applications for this class were due August 31, 2023, and acceptance notifications were sent by September 15, 2023.

Program Graduates

ASCA congratulates those who have successfully completed the ASC Administrator Development Program.

Inaugural Class
April 2022–March 2023

Mentees Mentors

Thomas Alderson

Norma Bacon

Shawna Alfano

Sandy Berreth

Elisa Auguste

Kimberly Brown

Constance Baumann

Brandi Cunningham

Vanessa Daneshvar

Alfonso del Granado

Thomas Diaz

Jonathan Dunford

Tina Driggers

Gabriel Figueroa

Stephanie Ellis

Jamie Fowler

Jessica Green

Amanda Hawkins

Jennifer Hodge

Lori Martini

Wendy King

Carson McCafferty

Brittany Lightcap

Kecia Norling

Kelley Marfiak

Tracy Peters

Erin Metz

Michael Powers

Ryan Myers

Karen Reiter

Carl Negley

Ashley Verbitsky

Katie Pierson

Cindy Young

Stacey Price

Becky Ziegler-Otis

Shawn Ploessl

Cindy Rohde

Leah Salvador

De’Ana Singletary

Barbara Steiner

Anup Vora

October 2022–September 2023 Virtual Class

Mentees Mentors

Lindsay Beal

Julie Adelchanow

Catie Binneboese

Andrew Ball

Tosha Chapman

Tori Caillet

LaTasha Cherry

Lori Callahan

Amy Collins

Julianne Christy

Sarah Disney

Geri Eaves

Deena Edwards

Ann Fosness

Jaqueline Eldridge

Barbara Hardes

Scott Freer

Lori Martini

Mercedes Gale

Brett Maxfield

Karlene Green

Carson McCafferty

Regina Hartman

Linda Nash

Garret Hilgendorf

Michael Powers

Ashley Hilliard

Colleen Ramirez

Stacia Johnston

Raghu Reddy

Jennifer Langeness

Lora Reed

Sara Lay

Catherine Retzbach

Susan Maddox

Melissa Rice

Lindsay McDiamid

Shane Ricks

Jennie Nickel

Tami Robinson

Sandra Payne

Geoff Smith

Lauren Phillips

Darla Sowa

Kristin Reese

Benita Tapia

Debbie Reilly

Jennifer Vazquez

Victoria Rioux

Robert Winandy

Megan Scott

Marie Yarborough

Danielle Shamblen

Holly Sheaffer

Nathaniel Sheehan

Andrea Stahl

Lyndsey Stillman

Kara Sweeney

Kayli Thompson

Lisa Van De Veer

Melissa Van Drieson

2023–2024 Hybrid Class

Mentees Mentors

Allison Bonin

Mary Ackerman

Eric Burger

Tameika Anderson

Nicole Donaldson

Norma Bacon

Jenny Gutierrez

Susan Cheek

Ashley Halbert

Alfonso del Granado

Sheri Krueger

Terri Mahoney

Dean Lehmkuhler

Rebecca Paine

Debra Lombardi

Tina Piotrowski

Lisa Overholser

Shane Stanford

Tammy Roland

Sarah Sterling

Tricia Schildhouse

Laurie Wamsley

Michelle Schwab

Susie Weiesnbach

Renetta Seeley