Culture of Safety Survey

New in 2021

The Culture of Safety Survey is an electronic survey you can use to evaluate how safety issues are addressed in your ASC.

The survey asks each clinical and nonclinical employee (full-time, part-time, per diem, contract basis) to rate their attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values about patient safety in your center.

You can then compare your ASC’s results to aggregate data collected from all participating facilities to help assess the current status of patient safety within your center, identifying strengths and determining areas for improvement.

The data submission period for the 2021 survey was open from March 1–April 15. Subscriptions were available to purchase through March 31.

Subscribe to the Survey

Registration for the 2021 Culture of Safety Survey has closed, but subscriptions to the 2022 survey are now available to purchase. The cost is $100 per ASC.

Purchase Survey Subscription

The survey is administered by and may be purchased through One Medical Passport.

About the Survey

The Culture of Safety Survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. It consists of 35 questions grouped into eight composites:

  1. Working in the Facility
  2. Teamwork and Training
  3. Organizational Learning/Responses to Mistakes
  4. Near-Miss Documentation
  5. Management Support for Patient Safety
  6. Overall Rating
  7. Communication in the Surgery/Procedure Room
  8. Background Questions

Survey questions include:

  1. Is important patient care information clearly communicated across areas in the facility?
  2. Do you feel comfortable asking questions when something doesn’t seem right?
  3. When someone in the facility gets really busy, do others help out?
  4. Do staff who are new to the facility receive adequate orientation?
  5. Do doctors and staff clearly understand each other’s roles and responsibilities?

Survey features include:

  • A streamlined, quick-to-complete survey design
  • Convenient 24/7 access to your data reports after the close of the submission period
  • Easy-to-read reports that allow for quick comparisons between your ASC and national trends (ASC management companies can compare facilities within their organization)


If you have questions about the Culture of Safety Survey, please contact