Additional Publications

Finance & Accounting for ASCs, 4th Edition

Updated from its predecessor, this book covers the fundamental concepts every ASC manager needs to know to protect the financial health of their ASC. 

HIPAA Workbook for ASCs

This workbook is the ideal resource for designing, evaluating and updating your ASC’s compliance program. 

HIPAA Sample Privacy Notice - Spanish Translation

Spanish Translation of Privacy Form B from the HIPAA Workbook for ASCs.

Developing & Managing Ambulatory Surgery Centers

This electronic book offers an in-depth look into what it takes to run a successful ASC.

Benchmarking Basics for ASCs

Subscribers to the Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey receive free access to Benchmarking Basics for ASCs, a how-to guide for using benchmarking to improve your ASC’s operations and performance.


ASCA members receive a 10% discount on AAMI's publication, which is one of the recommended study materials for the CAIP exam. To take advantage of this special discount, purchase ST79 online through the AAMI Store or call 877-249-8226 using the coupon code ASCAST79 to receive 10% off the list price.